Ours Mission

Share “Omotenashi”
with the world

Our Vision

Create hotels and restaurants around the world that offer memorable experiences while building a lasting, positive relationship together with our guests, partners, team members and communities.

Our Core Value

“If I were the guest…”
To provide guests with the hospitality you would want to receive as a guest.

Company Information


Plan Do See Inc.

Head Office

Marunouchi 2-1-1, Chiyoda, Tokyo
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Established since

April 1993


100,000,000 JPY


Yutaka Noda

Number of Employees

Full time: 900 /
Total: 1,700
* As of October 2022

Our Business

Hotels, restaurants, banquets/weddings management

Plan Do See developed and operates 17 properties worldwide including 3 award-winning resorts in Japan; 17 restaurants of diverse cuisines in cities including New York, Miami and Los Angeles; and other countries including Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Bali.

Each venue carries its own concept and design. Many of them are originally historical landmarks that were loved by the local people.