Wave Pool Project
Coming Soon.
Surf training, school activity.
Our facility, our waves.
For the project, for the future.

Surf with anybody you want, anytime you want, as long as you want –

In a wave pool, there is no age difference or skill difference.
The high-quality artificial waves are both practical and safe.
For experienced surfers, the wave pool is where they can polish their skills anytime, and not be affected by the weather or wave condition.
For beginners, it is a place where they can discover the joy of surfing conveniently.
Enjoy a night-surf after work, bond with your partner and family, organize group events, gather some friends for a surf session, or even quietly sit at our café & bar and listen to the waves…

Here, we provide a special space that is more than just a practice ground for surfers.
Here, you can experience the beauty of the surf culture without the hassle of going to the ocean.

The confidence and rush you feel when you ride the waves is something extraordinary.
We believe that surfing is not a sport limited to particular groups, which is why our wave pool project is dedicated to everyone who wants to enjoy the surf culture.